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badman666 7 years ago
Ha. Stupid bitch got inseminated. Another daft cunt left with a baby. Always the best fucking. Pump then dump.
spunkie 13 years ago
i would stay in there as well until i shot my fertility seeds into her
jerome 10 years ago
I'd talk her into letting me creampie it again after seeing her keep that figure after the first baby
kksh 11 years ago
haah no birth control pills abortion etc dumb shit but porn is porn
Jerusalem 7 years ago
LOL 7 years ago
Ahaha! Fucker just ran away! That shits funny.... Hump n' Dump is always the answer.
lol 8 years ago
shes about 25 not 18
Skankadelic 8 years ago
Nothing says worthless slut like tramp clothes and a deep crusty smokers voice
CRIMINAL 8 years ago
Frank 10 years ago
Poor Ashley! Guy just came over, used her body, and left:(!