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MW51 3 years ago
bet that rearranged her insides!
Size Queen 3 years ago
I'm 18 y/o considered myself a size queen. I'd hear my mom and step dad fucking she trying not to scream but moaning "give me that big dick" so one Sat. she and her friends went shopping I went into her room to grab a brush when step dad was jerking off to porn. I saw his big black dick and commented no wonder mom be making all that noise. I asked could I touch it. We ended up fucking or shall I say he fucked the crap out of me and when he nutted I saw stars. I loved every minute of it.
Ugh 3 years ago
Shes so annoying c
thick nigga 3 years ago
yo, what In the actual fuck.
this bitch needs to be exorcised.
when she sucked his dick she looked like my goddamn sleep paralysis demon.
DuroMaduro 3 years ago
Slammed her shit like Zion
3 years ago
She don’t know how to suck balls even the dick she can’t take smh
3 years ago
What did I just watch....
Nasty 3 years ago
That shits gross
3 years ago
this niggas dick has a whole fucking spine
Earl 3 years ago
Avoid the negroid.