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BiggieCheese 2 years ago
The biggest question is how she was cooking with the stove turned off. Illuminati?
Big Dick 2 years ago
Don't ever place a handle on a hot area, the handle will get hot and u will burn urself
1 year ago
Hows my guy saying it doesn't fit haha, it's like 3 inches big lmao
Hmm 2 years ago
THE BEATS WERE SHIT can't even compare it to cardi bs music it's so trash
Rafael 2 years ago
How old is the guy who fuck?
1 year ago
Sick Les Paul on the wall at 2:30
Cracker arse 1 year ago
How good is that arse!!!
1 year ago
Dude even too poor for fl studio
8 months ago
that studio is hotter than the sex.
Ylixo 2 years ago