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2 years ago
Calling this girl chubby is a travesty.
CrazyEyes 1 year ago
Look at them big ol’ titties looking like Crazy Eyes from “Mr. Deeds”
1 year ago
in what world is she chubby
Tom 1 year ago
Motherfucker is blind, chubby where?
1 year ago
Chubby ??!! WTF
Lmao 2 years ago
Fake ass tits
1 year ago
Wtf is this weak ass sh1t, bro u need to beat the sh1t out of this pussy. You should fuck her so hard just to punish her for this awful tits job.she need a 4x400meter Olympic run and you gave her a fucking walk in the park I saw two birds fuck harder than this in my backyard.
2 years ago
That was the most boring ass sex I have ever seen
Wouldn't moan either if a guy would fuck me like that
Nasty tits 2 years ago
Who messed up her chest. That's gross
Natural Lover 2 years ago
Horrible plastic surgery all over. Fake tan and all.